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Friday, 28 March 2014

NOTD: Topshop Eclipse

Alex Georgie| NOTD: Topshop Eclipse

Alex Georgie| NOTD: Topshop Eclipse

I've had this nail varnish for yonks and was a little scared it might have been discontinued. It hasn't (thank goodness) so I can share it with you all! Look at how pretty this nail varnish is in the bottle. If you say you could walk past that and not pick it up, you're lying! When I saw this, I thought it looked like when oil is spilt; that rainbow like puddle that changes in different lights. In some lights, Topshop Eclipse looks green, in others in looks more goldy and I absolutely love that!

I recently bought Seche Vite and have been having a little trouble with it. As a lot of my nail varnishes are quite thick to start with, my nail polish would just flake off in huge chunks because it just gets too thick with Seche Vite as well. I haven't been having that trouble with Eclipse though (hurrah!) as it is a thinner polish that can be built up. You could use one coat for a sheer coverage that still looks beautiful as your nails catch the light or two coats (like above) for it to be opaque.

Will you be picking this up? Have you got any favourite polishes at the minute?

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mother's Day: Make Up

Alex Georgie: Mothers Day Make Up Inspiration

Just a quickie today (mind out of the gutters ladies!), more of a visual inspiration really. I'm absolutely loving the fresh faced, Spring make up looks of [the select few of] my celeb crushes. Flawless, glowing bases, lots of highlighter (looking at you Kimmy K) and nude pinky lips. I just love the simplicity of it, even with Jessica's (yes, we're on a first name basis) light brown smokey eye, it all looks so effortless. My favourite type of make up!
I've also included my biggest make up lust; the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I want it's rosey tones all over my face- well mainly on my eyelids! There is also a Sleek matte lipstick in Heartbreaker up there as matte lips are in and it's the perfect coral pink shade.

Alex Georgie| Mother's Day: Make Up

I've left you with a picture of me and my mammy (and my sister hiding in the back there). Hope you all have a great Mother's day!

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

First Impressions: Superdrug BB Cream and Hot Cloth Cleanser

Alex Georgie| First Impressions: Superdrug BB Cream and Hot Cloth Cleanser
I've been trialling these products for a couple of weeks now and I'm so excited about them, I decided to do a first impressions post. This isn't a full review as because they are both skin products, I like to wait about a month before I comment on them to see how my skin reacts to continued use. I'll do a short 'follow up' post in a few weeks to tell you guys my final thoughts on them.

Anywaaay, the long and the short of it is I've been loving both of these products. I haven't picked up another base product since I bought the BB Cream and the hot cloth cleanser is one of the first I've tried and I'm really impressed. 

I was on the hunt for a BB Cream as Spring/Summer is coming up and I like to wear a lighter base in hotter weather. Not only so that my skin can breath but who wants to be sweating off a full face of make up? Not me, that's for sure! I first headed straight to the Maybelline stand as I wanted to try their Dream Fresh BB Cream but alas, they had stopped stocking my shade. That's when I went on a mad dash around Superdrug in an attempt to find an alternative. I stumbled across the Superdrug BB Cream and thought I would give it a go. I actually decided to pick up the anti ageing one in the end as it had a higher SPF than the other ones Superdrug offered. It promises to conceal age spots and imperfections, improve the look of wrinkles, improve smoothness/firmness of skin, boost radiance (another attractive purpose for me, Queen of Dull Skin) and even out skin tone.
I can't really comment on the anti-ageing side of it but I definitely feel as this product adds a glow to my skin as well as having a light coverage that even outs my skin tone and hides my hyper pigmentation.

I mentioned in a post a little while ago that I'd like to try a hot cloth cleanser. I've got quite dry skin and felt that face washes were just drying out my skin further. If you read this haul post, you would have seen that I picked up this hot cloth cleanser. I decided to go for Superdrugs' Vitamin E range as Miss Budget Beauty was raving about it at the time and I wasn't sure how much I would like this sort of cleanser so was playing it safe on the price range.
I really like this cleanser, it leaves my face feeling really smooth but not over stripped. It also comes with a muslin cloth which I feel gets rid of the impurities better than your average face wash.

All round thumbs up! Have you got any BB creams or cleansers that you like? Have you tried any of these products?

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mother's Day: Outfits

Alex Georgie| Mother's Day: Outfits

In the spirit of Mother's Day, thought I would share with you the lady I'll be spending my day with. My Nana! Think she looks very sweet here! Being at university means that I won't see my mum until Easter so I've skipped a generation and gone to the Head Honcho of mothers!

I'm sharing some outfit ideas with you today and trying to keep this post short and sweet. I've done a more formal outfit if you are taking your mum out to dinner or the likes and an informal one for lunch and other activities. They're spring inspired with brights and pastels as the little bit of sun we're having is getting me excited. Enjoy!

 photo Mothersdayoutfits-dayevening_zps46387d64.jpg Formal
Swing Vest- Boohoo- £6
Skater Skirt- Red- Boohoo- £10
Heeled Sandals- Zara- £39.99
Necklace- ASOS- £12

The heels are a little pricey but I couldn't find any cheaper ones for the look I was going for! Alternatives welcome!

Dress- New Look-£22.99
Wedges-New Look-£27.99
Ballet pump alternative- New Look-£17.99
Gold Cuff- New Look- £4.99

I know wedges aren't the most practical but how cute would they look with this dress?!

What will you be wearing on Mother's Day? What are your plans?

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Mask Monday: Montagne Jeunesse Wild Strawberry

Alex Georgie| Mask Monday: Montagne Jeunesse

If you saw this haul, you would have seen I bought this mask 3 months ago!! I can't believe it's taken me this long to use it. Anyway, first thought was that it smelt delicious. The masks contains strawberry (duh!) and rhubarb, which really came through in the smell. If you don't like sweet scents though, stay away! I wanted to eat it however! (Please don't!). The mask is a gel like consistency with a red tinge. I had intended to take a picture with it on but I just look weirdly shiny; something you guys don't need to see!

The mask is aimed to get rid of dead skin and impurities and my skin did feel smooth after using it. However, to get rid of the dead skin, it is a peeling mask. I find peeling masks to be a bit messy and a tad annoying if the mask hasn't fully dried. I do love the satisfaction of peeling it off though. Only me? Okay...

Overall a nice basic mask but nothing special. Montagne Jeunesse reminds me of my childhood sleepovers and this is one I would definitely have loved back then. One thing to add though, I had a enough product for an application and a half which was great, as I hate it when you have to spread a mask thinly!

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Superdrug, Matalan and Primark Haul!

Alex Georgie| Haul

Alex Georgie| Haul

Alex Georgie| Haul

I apologise for the varying lighting in these photos. I obviously got a bit carried away with editing (oops). Anyway, bad editing aside, my mum came up to visit  a few weeks ago and surprisingly she was a very bad influence on me!

First stop was Matalan where I picked up this gorgeous hoodie and jumper. I've actually since lost the hoodie on a night out which I'm gutted about. They're both really thick and so soft. So lovely that I'm going back to Matalan to hopefully find another one! The grey was so versatile and could be thrown over anything and I've been using the maroon jumper to add a bit of colour to more boring outfits. These were £10 and £8 respectively.

Next was Primark where I picked up a few of the essentials; hair bands and toothbrushes. I wouldn't actually recommend either of these which is so annoying! The hair band snapped on first use. I know I've got thick hair but  it's not that bad! The toothbrushes are alright but I feel like they're not as durable or soft as more expensive toothbrushes. What you get for 75p I suppose!

Last but not least we visited my beloved Superdrug. I picked up Superdrug's own BB Cream which I'm loving btw; review to come. I also got some more toner as I like to have a softer one and more chemically exfoliating one in. Finally my holy grail (see post here) tanning moisturiser which was offer so I definitely couldn't resist!

Have you picked up anything recently? Or like/dislike anything I bought?

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Base Dilemma #2

Alex Georgie| Eye Bases 
 On Friday I spoke about the dilemma of what to use to apply your skin base, today I thought I'd tackle the eye base. There are so many options to choose from so I've chosen a select few. You can go in without a base (I often do, ain't nobody go' time for dat) but if you're looking for a long wearing eye look, a base can really help. It also helps if you have any discolouration or veins on your eyelids that you would like to cover first.

This is a great choice as many people will already have this in their stash (go us for no extra spending!) Just dab small amount on the lid and blend over. Done! Be careful not to be too heavy handed with it. A little can go a long way- you're only look for something for the eyeshadow to stick to, not to highlight/conceal your whole eye!

Cream shadow/ Paint pot
Any of the above will do. These are lovely if you're doing a specific eye look. I love using my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze when I'm doing a brown eye look as it adds depth to the look in seconds. If not, something like MAC's paint pot in Painterly (which is a skin like colour) can prep the eye, even out any pigmentation/veins, as well as providing a base for your look.

Eye shadow stick
Very similar to the above but in stick form. I use this when I don't want to get my fingers dirty. The product can be just striped on and blended with a brush. Quick and easy application!

The most obvious of the bunch. You can get purpose built eye primers (for example Urban Decay Primer Potion) but really any sort of primer will do. I like this 17 primer for priming my eyes as it makes the look last longer and really smooths out the skin. This one is silicon based so doesn't agree with the rest of my face but just round my eyes is perfect.

So that's all the options I've got! Let me know if you use anything different or use any of these. I'm really interested as whatever I seem to use, I do end up with a slight ring of my make up round my eyes (booo!)

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